about me.

People told me that my 25th year was going to be a big year in my life, but I think it's going to be my 26th. I'm generally a happy person. I like to watch and look, whether it be at people, places or things. I don't have cable because if I did, I wouldn't get anything done. I love to travel and want to see the world. My head is a constant jukebox, which sometimes is awesome, and sometimes sucks. I'm really good at organizing and I think someday I might make a good manager, but I have a few creative bones in my body, as well. I'm loyal to a fault, which bothers some people. I am shy and quiet, which some people take as being aloof. I always walk behind people, and I have no idea why. I am soooo not a critic. I have a great memory, but I forget little stuff like the name of that song, or book, or bottle of wine that I really loved. I am generally confident, but sometimes I'll get insecure and complain (even though I have no right to, because I'm a lucky girl). I'm frugal enough to be able to afford a bit of luxury. I'm a night owl and hate getting up early. Plus, I love sleeping. And animals. And nature. And wine. And chips and salsa and boys with foreign accents and learning and dancing and laughing and and and and... so much more.

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