Lyon, on the way to Orange.

Paris was so much fun. Visited two museums (the Orangerie and the Pompidou Centre). Both have excellent art, and there was a great architecture exhibit at the Pompidou. Ate some good food. Partied my ass off with Karina on Thursday night and didn't get home until 6am on Friday morning. Went to a club that was full of American models and gay French men. It was interesting, but not that fun. It reminded me of the "Modelizer" episode of Sex in the City. Good times!

I wish I could post pictures, but my camera's brand new, so I haven't figured that out yet. Don't have that many, but it would be nice. Lyon's pretty. You know, old buildings, beautiful river running through the city- pretty typical. Amazing food, though: fresh pasta, fresh fish, homemade sorbet. Had the best rose` ever.

It's fairly hot, and it's going to be even hotter in the south of France (in Orange). My allergies are still driving me crazy. I find that a cocktail of two claritin and one allegra works well, though. Til next time- au revoir!

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