This is a list of jobs I have done, have considered at some point in my life, or still consider, for some point in my life:

-interior architect at an international hospitality design firm, or clothing brand (like Diesel. yaaaaah.), preferably abroad

-interior architect at a small organic architecture firm, preferably in the city (yes "the city", people.)

-owner/ceo of a sustainable developing firm

-furniture maker

-event planner/set builder

-shop owner (selling furniture, furnishings and household goods- mainly environmentally friendly design stuff)

-a job working with the government on sustainable building codes and laws

-a job working with the government on city planning, transportation planning, etc.


-host (at a restaurant)

-hospitality manager



-farmer (small-scale and all-natural of course)

-cage dancer (always in the cage, never out. no private dancer here)

-professional modern dancer (pipe dream)

-professional soccer player (pipe dream #2)

-zoologist, specifically researching Siberian tigers... in Siberia.

--ummmmmm. well? I dunno.

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