this blog.

Why did I start this blog, you may ask? Why bother adding to the countless number of blogs that exist and their din?
I wanted to record the minutiae of my life and share it with the world of course! That's actually partly true. I did (and continue to) want somewhere to record my thoughts, ideas, successes, failures, and discoveries while I try to figure out this thing called life. No guarantees on actually coming up with any answers, though! Interestingly enough, I was never good at keeping a diary, but keeping a blog seems to be much easier.

Do you have anything interesting to say or any unique premise?
Nah. It's just me and my random thoughts. Some days I think that I should start 3 or 4 different blogs, for all of my interests. One would be a food blog, one would be a design blog, one would be an environment blog and one would be just for my random musings- the day-to-day stuff that I know you're all straining at the reins to read. haha.

Eh, I guess that's it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!

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